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Welcome To Brokentext!

Brokentext is an online forum where users can post...things. The functionality of the website is simple.
To post, simply select "Forum" on the index and then select the board you wish to participate in. Select "New Topic" and write what you want. To share a file, select "attachments and other options" and upload the file.

To donate to the forum please go here.

[donations made through paypal and require brokentext account to activate]

The rules vary from board to board depending on the moderator but overall these are the few rules we ask of you:
-Nothing Illegal. You are still subject to the laws of the state/country that you reside in. takes no responsibility in what is posted here.
-Please, no soliciting. There are places to advertise commerce and that is not here.    

That's pretty much the only two baserules. It doesn't seem too difficult to follow.

Have an Idea? Please consider sharing it with us on the official suggestions board here.

Have Questions? Interested in a moderator position? Please email me @

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Interested in supporting the project?

You can donate to the website here. All money donated will go to keeping this site ad-free. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

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